In conversation with Elita Karim

BACHSAS (Bangladesh Cholochitra Sangbadik Samity) celebrated its 50 years of establishment or golden Jubilee yesterday with a gala ceremony, where renowned singer and journalist Elita Karim was awarded. We had the opportunity to have a light chat with her regarding this achievement.

Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award. How does it feel to acquire such an esteemed award?   

It feels fantastic to receive the BACHSAS award! I am flying high at the moment! Never thought I would receive it in my lifetime. But now that I did, I feel encouraged to do more. The BACHSAS award is a very prestigious award. It has been around since 1972 and is regarded as highly as the national award. I am extremely delighted and excited to be getting this award. This award also encourages me to look forward and take my profession as a singer seriously.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in your musical career? Who is your greatest source of inspiration for this?  

I don’t think I have achieved my biggest yet. If I ever do, I would have to stop working! My inspiration is always my parents (Mohammad Nurul Karim and Dilruba Begum), especially my mother who is also my biggest critic.

Would you like to give a message to the young people seeking a career in this field? 
Don’t think of money, don’t think of constant success, work honestly, try to live a less-demanding life, have fun and enjoy experiences.


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