How to not write a content article

It is human nature to be overconfident about thyself and I am no exception. So after just 2 months of being a Content Writer and after following how my mentors write, I am going to talk about the don’ts of writing a piece of content.

The main objective of an article is to give the readers information. But we should keep in mind who our targeted readers are and give information accordingly. An overflow of information is never going to attract the readers especially if our targeted readers are the youth.  Another thing we should keep in mind that this is not an answer sheet. So we should not just answer questions and make it like a paragraph. Interaction with readers is important. The readers are only going to find it interesting if they can relate to their life. So we should ask questions the readers can answer, can think about. Many think that writing an article with more words is interesting but it’s not. Cause with the increasing of words the interest will go down and at one point the reader is just going to exit the article. Again many readers don’t even read the article when the size is big. Another attractive thing about this is to have our own writing style. To have that we need to follow multiple famous writers writing their articles and converge their style into one. Lastly, we need to take feedbacks of our writings. We should be open to constructive criticism cause it’s obvious that not everyone’s going to like our article. And we need to have a will to write. We need to have a space of time to think about what we are going to write. We need to think, research but most importantly enjoy while writing.


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