How to Lose Weight Effectively


The main reason a lot of us have trouble with losing weight is that we associate it with rabbit food, starvation, or exercise. Obesity is a problem in Bangladesh. According to a study led by the World Health Organisation, obesity rates had climbed up to 17 percent among adults and 4.5 percent of children were obese in the year 2014. Furthermore, according to a study published by the BMC, obesity rates among the younger generation have climbed at an alarming rate. Perhaps we haven’t come to terms with this because our culture doesn’t prioritize outward appearance. However, many of us still want better, healthier bodies so that we can feel good about ourselves, and the first step to losing the weight that you want is understanding that it’s a lifestyle, and not a diet, that will carry you through.


1) Change Your Lifestyle

Many people usually opt for low-carb or a low-fat diet to promote weight loss. You can easily switch the meals you have in a day for healthier, lighter options, instead of just cutting off anything you might want to eat. For example, if you are on a low-carb diet, switch your rice for cauliflower rice, as cauliflowers are readily available in the market. Find healthier options for everything you eat on YouTube and your day will get better in no time.


2) Intermittent Fasting

It isn’t really voluntary fasting, and it’s really easy. You’re supposed to eat only within an eight-hour window, perhaps have breakfast in mid afternoon and dinner by eight-thirty. That gives you a sixteen-hour period of not eating, a ‘fast’. This habit works wonders, but it also isn’t for everyone, particularly if they enjoy snacks in the night.


3) Be Realistic

Have realistic weight-loss goals, and don’t starve yourself if you can’t meet them. Food is not a problem. It’s inhibition that’s the problem. The feeling that you’re missing out on something because of a diet. Have a cheat day once a week, where you can eat something drastically unhealthy, perhaps the cheese-burger you used to eat before you went on a diet. Understanding that we all have cravings and eating that cheese-burger might actually give you a serious boost.


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