How to fix a broken friendship

When things are not how it’s supposed to be, friends are the ones who help us to put things back to place. Our friends absorb the wrath of our anger’s wildfire and catch our tears with their shoulder. After tolerating all the tantrums, they still stand with us to have the last laugh together.


But what to do when your friend is upset with you or what if you guys just had a fight? You fix it, obviously! Here is how you can fix it.


Assess the situation:  After the fight has taken place, take a moment to sit and have a proper understanding of the situation. Find out how the fight had started, what are the things that you said and what are the things that your friend said while having the fight/argument.


Establish Connection: As soon as you have settled yourself down, try to get in touch with your friend. Be the first one to make a move. Don’t let your ego to win. Remember, your ego isn’t greater than your friendship. The medium of contact doesn’t necessarily have to be face to face, contact can be done over the phone or via text messages.

You can expect 2 situations here. One is instant feedback from your friend, and another is ignoring your invitation to talk. When you will be facing the second situation, which means your friend needs space. Have patience; give your friend a break and contact later. Remember, forcing someone to contact won’t solve the problem but worsen the situation and he/she might even feel violated.


Talk openly but with care: When you are discussing the situation, both you and your friend should try to be as detailed and open as possible. You should talk about the things that made you feel bad and ask politely what made them talk in this way. You should not talk in between when your friend is sharing his/her experiences or opinion about the fight. Listen to what your friend has to say and then talk. Talk to clear the misunderstandings but defending yourself. Most importantly, listen to understand not to reply.


Apology and Forgiveness: After all the confusion and misconceptions have been made clear, do apologize even if there was no fault from your side. Apologizing never makes you look weak, but it proves that you are much more mature mentally. Also, forgive your friend when he/she realizes their mistakes and apologize.


Strengthen the bond: When you have forgiven your friend and your friend has also forgiven you, it’s time to strengthen the bond to make it like before. You guys can hang out together, talk about old stuff, and help each other out to re-strengthen the bond between you and your friend.


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