How to be the reason for a break up

You don’t need to be ashamed of yourself if you are plotting a trap for a couple that you do not want to see together. It is very natural that your ‘I don’t like them two together’ vibes are tickling you. Not necessarily your efforts will always lead to success, but you can give it a shot to separate two love birds and turn out to be a ‘shaitaan’.


The Just Friends Method: We all know this method, don’t we? Get close to him/her so much that it bugs the other person. But wait, don’t express your feelings yet. Just prove that you’re ‘just a friend who cares a lot’. Wait for his/her partner to complain about you, and it backfiring. When the break up or break takes place, go ahead and reveal some cheesy lines like, “I wish I never met you, so I could again meet you for the first time.” They won’t get back together.


Backbiting: Well, you can always mention the reasons secretly to him/her about why he/she is dating the wrong person. Make sure your made up stories sound like they are very realistic, and it’s a shame that he/she isn’t aware of it yet.


Provide Ultimatums: If you’re able to influence other people to help you with the break up, start giving ultimatums like, “If you don’t break up with your toxic better half, we are leaving you.” It’s 2019, guys. He/she might need friends to chill with rather than having the love of their life.


These techniques are, of course, depending on the situation you are in. Whatever it is, all you need to do is focus on a trigger point that will make them think twice if they are in the perfect relationship. And no, don’t feel guilty. Feel like a hero.


Written by Aryan Sheikh


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