How IoT is transforming education

Engineers, startups and researchers are coming up with IoT based solutions to help educational institutes with better resource management and control.

Here are a few examples of how IoT is transforming the education systems all around the world:


  • With IoT powered boards,  technology makes learning much easier and more interesting. Glogster, a creative visual learning platform is creating more interaction through IoT powered boards that allow having interactive content like images, graphics, audio, video, text, hyperlinks, and so much more. The board’s content can be digitally shared with teachers and students via URL addresses.


  • When students learn with great interest by being able to interact with peers by overlooking geographical limits, this kind of learning gives them a richer learning experience and provides them with greater insights about assigned subjects.


  • By using applications in gadgets, students are getting to interact with educational resources which have better graphics, easier connectivity, and better portability.


  • Google provided apps let students and teachers to share resources online along with modification. Also, there are applications that allow to capture and record for future revision.


  • IoT is paying a huge role to improve infrastructure in schools and colleges. Now, classroom doors can have push silent panic buttons during emergencies. IoT can also modernize fireproof door locks. Besides, controlling doors from remote locations will smoothen authorized accesses.


  • With IoT, attendance tracking systems will improve too, which shall help with collecting student data.

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