Groupwork- The inevitable curse

No, it’s not the group work that you do as a team at your workplace. No, it’s not the group work that you do during business competitions. And no, it’s not even the group work where you enjoy working with a team. It’s the group work where you forcefully get selected in a group by your course teacher because it’s mandatory to secure marks.

The myth that is making all the students suffer is that by just performing in group work, introverted ones become extroverted, lazy souls turn into team players, and stammering ones turn into the world’s best public speakers. The problem is not working. The problem is when:

-One of your group mates become absent because his/her khala-khalu/mama-mami/chacha-chachi all die one by one because they were destined to go to the graves the moment you started working for your assignment

-One of your group mates turns so sick that he/she is just a few steps away from dying. However, the health condition turns totally okay from very critical the moment you work alone and submit the project by yourself

-The groupmates do not acknowledge your hard work even if you work by yourself totally just to secure marks for yourself, but instead, acts like the assignments are their property since the beginning of time

No, complaining to the teacher won’t work. If you are unlucky enough to not be in the same course as your friends, then try to do the group work by yourself, and secure good marks.



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