Google Stadia

A common problem for all gamers is finding the right hardware for the games they want to play. For most of us, specially gamers who aren’t inherently rich, don’t have access to the latest and the best hardware that modern games demand. Not only that, most gamers can only afford to choose one or at best two platform of gaming, be it a computer, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo. And for the unlucky gamers who don’t even have a decent computer end up watching video game streams on Youtube or Twitch while wishing they could actually play it someday. If you can relate to these then worry no more, Google is here to grant your wish with their latest consumer gaming service.


Introducing Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service. This service enables any Stadia subscriber to play games on any device that has access to the internet! Meaning you can easily play any game on your 5 year old desktop PC or on your smartphone or even on your TV. With Stadia hardware constraints are a thing of the past. You can play any latest game with up to 4k resolution at 60 fps which also supports HDR and surround sound. It also supports cross platform gaming meaning you can play virtually any game you like on the device of your choice. This is like the Netflix of gaming, but only much better.


Cloud gaming has been a somewhat interesting idea that has surfaced on to mainstream discussions after CES 2018. We all knew Google has been working on it for the past few years under the name of Project Stream. Tech enthusiast and gamers all around the world were speculating what it could actually be once it reaches consumer grade state. Google has finally put a stop to all speculation on March 19 by officially announcing Google Stadia. They also announced a new hardware called Stadia Controller with which you can play games on Stadia service more easily, but of course Google will allow any player to use any controller of their choice.


Gaming is not the only thing you can do on Stadia, it also enables gamers to stream their games instantaneously on any streaming website. It also gives the developers the opportunity to build the game on the best possible hardware on the cloud. Also it introduces some interesting take on social media interaction that allows anyone to play a certain portion of a game any number of times they want. Multiplayer games on Stadia will support new POV options to gamers as there is virtually no limit to hardware and game experience sharing capabilities on the cloud. With Crowd Play, any gamer can play along with any game streamers online if they so wish to. As Stadia is connected on the Google database network, it also has support to Google AI services.


This all sounds too good to be true right? Well, there are some drawbacks to this. First of all, as you are playing games on the Google database which will be streamed on your display, meaning the performance of the game heavily relies on your internet speed. Even though Google has promised the best possible network connection with their renewed Stadia network coverage, the performance will still be bottle-necked if you have a poor internet connection. Secondly, there will be a subscription fee for Stadia, just like Netflix, after all, nothing good can ever be free.

Still its hard to tell how good it actually is until we try it ourselves. But nevertheless, this is definitely the start of a new revolution that will change the gaming scene as we know it. So, what are your thoughts on Stadia?



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