From content creator to champions – Rafid Mahadi


Listen to the story of Rafid Mahadi, winner of the first edition of Banglalink Nextubers and content creator of the renowned YouTube channel ‘Fusion Productions’.

It’s been more than a year since you were crowned as the champions of Banglalink Nextuber Season 1! Do you still feel excited to recall that journey?

Yes, it’s been more than a year since I was crowned as the champion of Banglalink Nextuber Season 1 and I obviously feel excited to recall that journey. This is only because it’s a huge lifetime achievement for me and winning a reality show was my dream or more like a fantasy. So I really feel great and lucky at the same time to experience this amazing journey.

 Was it only Nextuber, or were there other factors too, that motivated you to move forward as a YouTuber?

Undoubtedly Nextuber was the biggest platform for us till now to showcase our talent to the mass people but there are some other factors too. The channel Fusion Productions joined YouTube on May 21, 2014. We were inspired and motivated to start our journey from the big YouTubers of our country like  Salmon Thebrownfish, Bhai Brothers LTD etc. We also got motivated ourselves as video making is our passion. So I won’t say it’s only Nextuber that motivated me to move forward as a YouTuber.

What struggles have you faced so far?

Well, we actually struggled really hard to reach the position we are in now. It’s true we have uploaded less than 30 videos till now. But we had to put a lot of effort while making one. Being the video editor, cinematographer and the publisher at the same time isn’t an easy thing to do from my personal point of view. Life is full of struggles, you just need to make it a thing you just love doing.

You are known for your astounding rap battle videos, what plans do you have near future for Fusion Productions?

I proudly can say that Fusion Productions is the first YouTube channel to introduce rap battles in Bangladesh. We are inspired from the channel ERB for making this specific type of content. As this is our unique content on YouTube, we will continue making rap battles and we are also focusing on bringing some new contents based on comedy in near future.

Would you like to say something to your followers who are dreaming to be great YouTubers?

To be successful on YouTube you just need three things; dedication, creativity and  the most important one, which is patience

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