Free Online Learning Platforms to check out in quarantine

Touseef Hasan, Munem Shahriar Islam, and Farhana Sadia Nity

Struggling to decide how to kill time in this unprecedented phase? Searching for productivity but failing miserably? No worries people, because we got you covered!

Here are some free online learning platforms you can definitely keep in check during this painful yet effective (if you want it to be) isolation period.

  • edX

edX is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider that has been successfully hosting online university-level courses in diverse disciplines. Point to be noted, not all of the courses are free, so do cross-check before progressing!

  • Udemy

With professional adults and students as the target audience, Udemy is a very versatile online learning platform that mostly offers technical courses for job-related skills, including certification. But just like edX, not all courses are free in Udemy.

  • Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a non-profit project by Google that delivers free digital skills training through an online learning platform. Individuals are bestowed upon structured plans to furnish their digital skills for free, with some of the courses also offering certification!

  • MIT OpenCourseWare

 Based on a simple but revolutionary idea by which MIT can advance its mission by sharing nearly all of its course content online for free. No need to register. Anyone can just go there and pull out the material which he or she wants to explore.

  • Stanford Online

Stanford Online collaborates with the departments, programs, and centers to facilitate meaningful engagement between Stanford faculty and of course, learners around the world. This offers learners a single point of access to Stanford’s extended education & lifelong learning opportunities. 

  • Harvard Extension

This supports those in Harvard who wish to develop and create innovative digital learning content that currently goes up on edX. It helps to create better accessibility of education to the people who cannot afford it. 

  • Alison

Alison mainly focuses on workplace skills and follows industry standards.

  • Academic Earth

A website that offers free online video courses and academic lectures from the world’s top universities like UCLA, MIT, and Princeton – Academic Earth provides certificates to anyone completing the courses successfully.

  • Khan Academy

Mostly in the form of videos, Khan Academy is fundamentally an online tool that educates students through short lessons. It also includes supplementary materials and exercises for the learners.

  • Ten Minute School

High time we talked about something of our own, didn’t we? 10 Minute School is an online platform, founded not many years back but going pretty strong amidst all the other educational platforms. It provides lessons and instructions for essentially the entire academic syllabus of our schooling system all the way to the 12th grade and even beyond.

Meanwhile, the academic community is sharing resources and ideas for how to translate classes that use experiential learning into an online format. Platforms such as Merlot and Harvard University’s LabXchange can also help facilitate that instruction outside of the classroom:

  • Merlot

Merlot basically develops and distributes tools to enable the formation of communities engaged in building shared knowledge bases of learning materials. It provides bookmark collections, study materials as well as tools to enable the instructor and the learners to dig deep into the subjects which can be accessed free. 

  • LabXchange

It’s an online community for learning, sharing, and collaboration. Labs are places of exploration and discovery for every field imaginable. In this spirit, the learners can discover, engage, and share what we learn on LabXchange. It curates and creates world-class digital content, delivered on a free, online platform that lets us integrate our learning and research experiences. Here, we can take control of our learning and solve real-world problems as a community. Participation will always be free and emphasizing on the power to create, experiment, share and solve.

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