Fortnite: A Proven Brand Marketing Tool?

Touseef Hasan

Although recent years have witnessed epoch-making surges in the video game industry, very few entries have been as boundary-pushing and ambitious as Fortnite. An online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon, to say the least. Not only has it amassed over a staggering 250 million player-base worldwide, but it also emerged as a very effective platform for global brands to pull off stunts and marketing campaigns from time to time.

Here’s an excerpt of some of those astounding exploits:


As a result of this collaboration, a specially-themed mode, ‘Downtown Drop by Jordan’ has been introduced. Additionally, new buyable player skins were released that featured Air Jordan sneakers.

DJ Marshmello

Last year, February saw a pre-recorded DJ Marshmello virtual concert held within the realms of Fortnite. The attendance stood at 10.7 million and there were over 38 million viewers in total. Players could dress up and emote as the musician. So, what difference did this make? Marshmello’s YouTube channel gained around 699,000 subscribers the day after the event, resulting in a 1,800 percent increase over the previous figure. Moreover, his YouTube views per day increased to 42.8 million from 7.8 million – branding done, pitch-perfect.


The global fast-food chain, Wendy’s hosted its first Fortnite live-stream on Twitch in November 2018. A limited-time mission called ‘Food Fight’ was launched, which gave players a chance to play for the brand. And during the 10-hour stream, Wendy’s gained 7,400 followers and 43,500 comments on Twitch.


The National Football League from the United States launched a two-week sale of buyable NFL jersey in-game skins, for each team in the league for Fortnite players.

John Wick

A separate mode was introduced in Fortnite where players could become bounty hunters. And needless to say, the promotion was a hit – John Wick already felt like it was a part of the Fortnite universe. Later on, an official John Wick skin was also announced.


The release of Marvel Avengers: Endgame was promoted in Fortnite and players could don classic Avengers weapons like the Captain America shield.

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