Flashback Friday – Episode One

Being a 90’s kid, there are so many things I miss with life moving forward. Starting from my favorite cartoon shows being replaced by stupid ones to my favorite bands being replaced by so called singers with bad voices (sorry that was a bit subtle), I miss a few things about early life. Of course, with the help of Facebook, Google, Netflix and the other inventions, life is easier now. Now let’s skip it to the chase, as I will recall special incidents and trends about my early life. If you are a 90’s kid, be ready to enter a plethora of nostalgia. If you are way younger, hold on; at least know about the amazing times we went through.


I was trying to develop the habit of sleeping without my parents. Though my first ever bedroom was just a few inches from theirs, I had a lot of conditions for sleeping alone. I needed two dim-lights to make sure no ghost would come. I also needed to keep my door open while I slept (it’s funny because I don’t remember a day I slept without keeping my door closed over the last one year now). When it was time to go to school, my father would wake me up and bring me my usual breakfast – bread and nocilla. Waking up from school means at 6AM sharp. I would have to use the phrase ‘LOL’, as I don’t wake up at 6AM ever nowadays.


There was this one day I woke up at 9AM. Yes, I had missed school. I opened my eyes properly and looked at my windows. It was dark outside, and it was raining. Monsoon was considered more of a ‘skip-school’ weather rather than romantic weather for me. I got up, and went to the kitchen, eventually hugging my mother.

“Ammu, why did you not wake me up for school?”, I asked.

“Well it is raining, and your father needed the car. You did not have any exams today, as far as I know”. She told me something like this.


After having breakfast, I went straight to my room where there was a CRT Television (yes, the fat old type of television), and put on my favorite channel where Tom and Jerry was running. The sound of the raindrops, the cool breeze, my favorite cartoon, and the joy of skipping school turned out to be a great day for me. My mother came into my room. I was kind of afraid that she would be mad at me for switching on the television instead of studying.

Instead, she said, “Let me bring you some Kacha Aam (Green Mango).”

Oh, what a life!

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