Finding the Joy in Eating Alone


Everyone had one of those moments where he or she wanted to go to a restaurant or cafe all by themselves to grab something to eat, but eventually gave up on it. We have a tendency to go to public places in groups of at least two, but never by ourselves. So we inevitably call a friend or family to see if they are willing to join us. But why don’t we just go there alone and eat?

By human nature, we see being alone as something negative. The alone people in society are seen as someone who is pitiful, support less or weak. We have a notion in mind that being alone is a sign or being ugly, unwanted or unpopular. We don’t want to be that outcast in society. But is it really true or it’s just all in our head? The moment we get in a restaurant all alone we see ourselves surrounded mostly by people in groups. We are the odd one in the whole restaurant. So we become overly self conscious of everything we do or others do. If someone stares at us we immediately think that we are being pitied by that person or that person is simply laughing at how miserable we look. Well, it’s natural to think that first since we have also wondered why a person is alone in a restaurant, but think about it, we wondered why he or she is alone, but we have never laughed about it inside our heads.

While social anxiety exists in all of us it is important to realize that we are alone by our own choice, not others. Being alone is not a sign of weakness, being alone means you are stronger than everyone else in that restaurant. There is a certain charm in solitude, people seem more intellectual, dignified and elite while they are by themselves rather than being in a crowd of chattering people. So instead of thinking about what others think of you, think about your own problems.

You are not completely alone if you think deeply about it.  We all need alone times to think about life. So converse with your own self and enjoy the food, it’s not so bad once you get used to it. There are other perks of eating alone too. You don’t have to converse with anyone while you are eating out so you solely focus on the food and enjoy it fully. You can think deeply about something and not get interrupted by others. You can order any food you like or not get mocked or laughed at by anyone at your table. You can also explore new restaurants, cafes and food places where normally you don’t go in groups, which is rather exciting and fun.

It’s the first step in any journey that is the hardest, especially when it comes to eating alone. It will be awkward the first time you do it. You will be overly self conscious and social anxiety will kill you inside. But try repeating it a few times instead of running away. Slowly you will find the joy in eating alone and trust me, you will be looking forward to it every time you are out.

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