Finding the best mentor for your Startup

“Mentors help entrepreneurs navigate the rollercoaster ride that is a startup.”

          Casey Gibbons, co-founder of Maki Fund.


Imagine yourself as the owner of a new company, it can often be lonely and a hefty amount of dearth experiences can lead you to make decisions that in a nutshell could be the very reason for the company’s downfall. This is the reason why choosing a good support link is crucial while facing dilemmas. Maintaining focus and brainstorming are the very few key components as the list goes on for a while when we settle down and talk about the importance of a mentor in the scenario of a start-up business. A mentor can also be supportive by filling in those knowledge gaps and broaden your network proficiency.

Someone who has vast startup knowledge can be a starting point while searching for a mentor. If you pick a manager with commercial experience, he might facet some interesting ponderings, rest assure they probably will be fixated on management challenges. A mentor with startup expertise has the absolute idea thus leading them to be able to better relate to the numerous challenges of building a new organization, which results in overall triumph.

Using your alumni-based network from university or past corporations so that you forget about pinging those inspirational professors can be another way of looking into the matter. Have a common link, as it will be easier to reach out and know if there’s fitting. Universities running either incubators or which has entrepreneurship center often runs mentorship programs too.

Great pools of advisors that you can reach out to and learn from can be easily found through business incubators and accelerations programs. Joining an incubation program that is appropriate for your business, it will help you guide and grow your startup company.

In the timeframe of incubation and acceleration procedures, you will see working along with quite a lot of people from diverse backgrounds, this way you will be able to understand what resources and knowledge they can offer you. Other than these, there are some key points to be noted when it comes down to finding the best mentor for a startup,

  1. Know what you want from your mentor.
  2. Mentors should be experts, not generalists
  3. Get in Touch with Entrepreneur Organizations
  4. Online mentorship networks
  5. Professional networking events
  6. Reach Out to Industry Experts at Conferences
  7. Social media

Lastly, don’t assume mentors to give you an hour of their time every single week or, God forbid, every day, for the purpose of your business. Think about them as sounding boards for the tests you face or the specific ideas you want your company to evolve into. Mentors are catalysts for personal and professional growth. Settle down, buckle up and know that the people that you choose can be a factor of both rising and falling of something that might or might not has the potential to become the next big thing.

To add up all of that, Startup Dhaka’s 2 Month-long incubation program is designed for helping early-stage startups to move ideas into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage. The program curriculum will cover subjects that entrepreneurs need, in order to systematically approach Customer Discovery, Design Thinking, Product Development, Pitch Deck design, Market Sizing, Bootstrapping, Fundraising – everything an early-stage startup needs to cover but teams find it hard to get support in our market. With the best line-up of mentors who will support your ideas and turn them into reality, Startup Dhaka will make sure your imaginations turn into products for the right set of customers. 

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