Entrepreneurs who were college dropouts

If you are a college student, can you drop out to achieve your dreams? It is not necessary to do so, right? Here are some examples who were brave enough to drop out of college, just to put their sole focus on their ventures.


5)  Michael Dell founded Dell Technologies and dropped out of college at the University of Texas when he was 19.  When he was a freshman, Dell used $1,000 to purchase and upgrade old computers and sell them for a profit. Dell was selling around $80,000 a month and decided to drop out at age 19 to pursue the computer business.


4) Even after going through so much, Oprah Winfrey is perhaps one of the few women from the black community to stand up on her own feet. From growing up in multiple homes over the years to almost completing college, Oprah became the voice of the nation through The Oprah Winfrey Show! With a personal valuation standing at $ 2.9 billion, Oprah’s life has been an inspiration to people all over the world.


3)  Founder of Microsoft and a college dropout, Bill Gates is one of the richest billionaires who, while discovering his entrepreneurial journey early in life by building computers for his friends in university, one day realized there was a lot of commercial and engineering value in exploring new software for computers.


2) When Mark Zuckerberg started thinking of a new social media platform for people to interact with on a bigger scale, he realized he could not make it big while being in college. When he started the initial groundwork for Facebook in college, little did he know that he was on the precipice of making history.


1) After Steve Jobs started working at Atari, he was a Reed College dropout. With an intention for reforming the world of computers and technology, Jobs very soon, realized where his true passion lay. Moving up from Atari to Apple, Jobs created the first Macintosh, Apple I and after that, there was no turning back for the man who dared to dream. Despite being kicked off from his own company, he was hired back as the CEO and ended up revolutionizing Apple’s path.


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