Entrepreneurs of the pandemic

Syeda Nabiha Tahsin Chowdhury

Quarantine has really changed our perspective on things and given us plenty of time to reflect on ourselves. While some might take this time as an opportunity to focus on their mental health, some decided to implement their entrepreneur skills. Within the span of 6-7 months, various online pages for clothing/apparel, food stores, and even YouTube channels have opened up. 

This lockdown has led a lot of individuals to make proper use of their time and take initiative to start up small online businesses. Starting from selling baked goods to selling accessories and clothing online to earn a profit. As most refrain from going out to shop, E-commerce is booming. Entrepreneurs that provide good quality products are receiving a massive demand for their goods. Most of them buy wholesale and ship their products from abroad to resell or provide retail services. Some online businesses have also used their profit to provide donations in this time of crisis. Such as ‘tyche.wear’, which is a new clothing brand, allocated part of their profit to educate some of the less fortunate kids of Bangladesh. 

As much as adults like to taunt youngsters for being unproductive, there’s no denying that the future of Bangladesh is very bright. Instead of letting this time go to waste, a lot have resorted to broadening their extracurricular fields by participating in new activities. Youths have taken innovative measures and not just in the aspect of online business. Talented content creators have gained popularity on YouTube, some organized online seminars, debates, and other tournaments for us to participate in, to utilize this year regardless of being in lockdown. 

Besides all of these, other initiatives such as publishing an E-book, selling art online, tutoring through video conferencing, developing apps, podcasting, etc. are great substitutes and an excellent way of earning money from home. However, as glamorous as it may sound, providing goods or services online is not child’s play. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to get a business up and running and there also may be certain costs related to setting up a business. COVID-19 has been painful, but it has also given us an ample amount of time to achieve our goals and help our society exceed. 

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