Engage organized Demonstrate successfully

As soon as the quarantine initiated, we perceived many online competitions. With people splitting their minuscule aptitude over social media have engendered a restorative bulb of lucrativeness. Keeping in account that the previously organized the event “Quarantine Productive Fest” gained immense success, Engage introduced another event Demonstrate 2020, which was open for anybody studying in third grade and above and which also became successful.

Engage is such a youth organization that was founded to fight for mental health and develop the skills of the youth through youth engagement. It is the inevitable fact that mental health is one of the most underrated topics that we all discuss. The youth suffering from it is considered a burden in society therefore they feel constipated. During Quarantine, when the youth people were suffering from mental health staying at home alone and When everyone was getting bored lying in bed and scrolling the newsfeed of social media, Engage brought with immense pleasure and enthusiasm, the most prestigious and awaited productive fest online, the Quarantine Productive Fest, where more than 1000 participants participated in the productive fest online & enjoyed their quarantine removing their boredom by spending doing productive things & enriched their skills! Their motto is “Fighting against the mental health stigmas of the youth and to empower the youth through youth engagement.”

In fact, since the very inception of ‘Engage’, it has been working solely with the core scheme and sterling determination to brawl and combat the mental health issue along with the evolution of the skills of the youth through their active captivation. Merging with this string, amidst this pandemic, ‘Engage’ came back again with an event named “Demonstrate” totally focusing on the mental health concern. The particular concatenation of contention ranges over a variegated meadow of scrutiny, fractionated into fragments. The fest circumscribed contests on exquisite writing in both English & Bangla, essay writing in English & Bangla, conceptual photography, symbolizing art, poetry cataclysm in both English and Bangla languages respectively. These segments were accredited with distinct topics, thoroughly emphasizing on the theme ‘Mental Health’.

Their leitmotif is to create a platform for people to network and initiative conversations with others of similar interests. The participants and awardees will be recognized for their endeavor and ascendency respectively with certifications and grand prize money. There will be training sessions and free consultant opportunities for all as well. With the aspiration to inaugurate a platform for the participants to squander their quarantine, evacuating from weariness, and investing the free time to do something prolific along with emancipation from mental health issues, Demonstrate is organized by Engage. A subsequent rationale for the contest is the total fundraised from the registration fee will be donated to people in need, affected by the COVID-19.

The registration and submission procedure has ended and the results will be declared on 6th September 2020 after the discernment by the venerable panel of judges.

The competition is having 3 partners: YSSE, TORUN and CKH network and a few clubs’ affiliations from various organizations, and 150 campus ambassadors and a good number of intellectual judges

“To give the youth a platform to express their mental health stigmas was our aim and we are successful as thousands of youth participated in the event. Stay tuned and keep supporting us for our future venders.”

– Core Members of Engage: Fida Bin Shahnowaz, Tahmid Zarif & Vignesh Khajuria told.

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