Empowering women through unique travel experiences- Sabira Mehrin


  • How did the idea of building a platform like Wander Woman come to your mind?

Over the years, I realized there were more girls out there who wanted to travel but were being restricted due to gender discrimination. I wanted to do something about this. I shared my concern with a few close friends and upon their suggestion, I opened a facebook group to interact with female travel enthusiasts. Initially the group was a very small one. Bit by bit,  the little community grew and more people started joining. Now, Wander Woman has a network of more than 20,000 Bangalee Woman worldwide.

  • What are the struggles you had to face while building this community.

Finding like-minded members was a massive challenge. I wanted that the first person to join Wander Women feels the tempo of the community. Because this is basically setting the gene for the organization. Finding dedicated and passionate team members took a lot of toll on me. Another struggle was working with the partnership model. So many potential partnerships couldn’t take place due to sticking to travel relevance and lack of a concrete model. As I have a full time job besides Wander Woman, it gets really difficult for me to manage work and arrange for the trips.

  • Apart from organizing trips, what are the other functions of Wander Woman.

Apart from organizing trips, Wander Woman has taken several innovative initiatives like – travel merchandise production, peer-to-peer exchange of currency, travel buddy match, fully funded opportunity bulletin, and anonymous feedback platform.  And we are planning to introduce more interesting projects in the future to assist in arranging travel experience.

Wander Woman is moving beyond the concept of tourism now. We have always focused on working with women-led organizations to connect with the niche network of Wander Woman. I want this platform to be a proper example of women supporting each other through thick and thin because I believe in collaboration, not competition.


  • What are your future aspirations with Wander Woman?

We want Wander Woman to be synonymous to female travelling. We want people to have Wander Woman on the top of their mind when they think of travelling. We will launch our website this September to automate the trip registrations. Furthermore, we are planning to bring the first digital travel magazine in Bangladesh. With time, we have realized that giving women information on travel alone isn’t enough. That is why, we are arranging workshops and programs of self-defense, meditation, scooty driving etc. to boost confidence and to mobilize women. In future, we aspire to move to all the districts of Bangladesh to empower local girls through our travel platform.

  • What is your message to the youth?

First off, be sure if you are passionate enough to do something. You will be demotivated and pulled down multiple times but do know what you are building and why you are hustling. Be sure.

Despite being a skeptic, I did see how collaborative support is given by fellow entrepreneurs in need. Also, render your best foot and believe in working shoulder to shoulder. Collaboration over competition is the way to go.

Success is not defined by time. So rushing to gain milestones would not necessarily be a smart act.

Believe in human ROI. If you help (invest your time and effort) a person, you will be rewarded since the person usually feels obligated to help back. So, never hesitate to support anyone unless it is impossible.


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