Effects of Relationship on Student Life

Effects of Relationship on Student Life


Student life is a time frame of a life where one gets exposure to different things. Those things combine both positive and negative vibes, but one needs to learn in this time to differentiate between beneficial and harmful things to get lesser negative effects in life. Among those things, love is probably the most common thing that everyone craves for, at least once at this age. Love – It is the word of expressing immense feelings and emotions towards an object. This is the shortest word containing the biggest emotion of one. Being a human, everyone has the feeling of respect, trust, friendliness which collaborates in the expression of love. Due to the availability of digital media, love is being represented as romanticism. In the growing age of life ‘romanticism’ is a combination of some sort of unrealistic fascinations. As people find love as a common topic in the media, people tend to maintain the trend of showing several romanticism for the sake of seeking love. Let’s take a detailed look at it:

Being a full-time student comes up with lots of responsibilities and this is the time where one can prepare themselves for the future. But if along with study, extracurricular activities and family responsibilities, one gets indulged with outside emotional responsibilities, then it takes even more hard to balance. This is where clashes happen because it destroys one focus when it creates turbulence among partners even with silly matters. Maintaining a relationship means allocating time for the loved one, taking-care of each-other, planning for different things, loading memories with individual preferences along with numerous special dates.


0 %
of the students believe that being in a relationship during student life creates clash.
0 %
of the students find it a tough challenge to allocate time for their partner

As we discussed earlier regarding responsibilities in a student’s life and after all those responsibilities, it shouldn’t be that easy for someone to allocate special time for their loved ones. And this is the challenge we found out; most students face. Also, sometimes out of responsibilities, there are such other factors like restrictions from family, culture, distance, and difficulties for students to allocate time for their relationships. Other than that, there are some students, who are very career oriented and focused on studies. Usually, they prioritize their studies and career over their relationship. So, this is also a kind of barrier or challenge to understand each other’s situations.

In the context of our culture, students expect to earn a satisfying amount of money after their graduation. Unlike the developed countries, part time job opportunities are not available for students due to lack of skill-set, in many cases. Being in a relationship means dates will have some costs like food, gifts, flowers and so on. Furthermore, it’s quite impossible to deny those financial expenses. So, unless one student is independent financially, it creates extra pressure to arrange the money and eventually it can lead to a bad relationship with parents. Even though a student is earning some amount of money, still he/she will suffer to make savings from that income and will always have to keep some budget for dates. Almost 37.8% students said that they undergo financial pressure while being in a relationship.

Every coin has two different sides, so does every circumstance. As there are such negative effects of relationship problems in student life, it is not certain for everyone. In our survey, most people said, it is possible to balance both student life and relationship altogether. If both are understanding and compatible with each-other, only then it’s possible. But in a toxic relationship, it’s not possible at all. Therefore, from such relationships, people have responded to few amounts of disagreement on this statement. But it requires a little bit of effort to balance among these two.


0 %
of the students find family background and lifestyle to be an issue in a relationship
0 %
of the students think that being in a relationship creates a communication gap with family/friends

This report tried to find out problems while being in a relationship and how it affects the student life. Moreover, it tried to give an insight of the real-life scenarios along with some realistic solutions. Such as according to Farabee, one of our respondents who is currently studying at Bangladesh University of Professionals, said, “A relationship with the right person can bring stability and purpose and can give direction to your life.”

Seeking relationships depend on the perspective of an individual. It has its pros and cons. But Rimsha who is currently in a long-distance relationship described the relationship in a very sublime way “It gets slightly challenging when it comes to maintaining a healthy academic life while being in a relationship. But all you need is an understanding partner who’ll support you throughout your struggles. And trust me, if you find one, your life gets way easier in so many chaotic situations that you didn’t even think of.” Another student from North South University, named Ramisa, said this perhaps may not be a suitable time to begin a relationship for her unless she finds someone very mature in thinking because in her previous relation, she struggled in competency a lot which has hampered her whole life.

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