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I am a very average person with pure ambition and passion built inside me with hopes to achieve some of my life goals. My journey with tech Mezik, which is a YouTube channel, where I review tech stuff mainly Computers, actually started off with someone making fun of my mere knowledge of computers. I remember being so upset, but on that day, I decided I am going to become a tech reviewer someday.


The journey was not easy at all. Back in 2014, I started gaining interest in seeing PC build videos, other famous tech reviews, and I finally came to a point, where I had the opportunity to build a PC on my own. I remember being nervous, skeptical about whether I would pull it off or not. But I was so brave and courageous and kept that one thing in mind, I have to pull it off. And guess what, I actually pulled it off very perfectly! And then again, my passion and ambition grew so much and one day, I decided that I am going to open a YouTube channel and start reviewing on my own. My girlfriend was very supportive and pushed me to get started, providing me with tips and encouragement and I started up from my freelancing money. I was an amateur designer back then. A few days later, I bought a tripod and started reviewing a few PC parts with my own money. And one day, a friend reached out to me regarding building his PC. And we had a mutually beneficial deal that I will get his stuff at cheap and give him good stuff and only thing is, I will upload that build video in my channel. And guess what, everything was a major success. I still remember building the first PC on my channel The fact that always discouraged me was that I had a very ordinary setup and I kept dreaming of the PC’s that I built for my friends/clients. Pushing the channel with good quality contents was not that easy. From setting up cameras and lighting, shooting the build, actually building the pc, hosting when necessary, and then finally editing it, doing everything all along is a huge pain in the ass. But hey, if you don’t work hard, you will never go anywhere in life. As for me, I love working hard if that gives me a good output for me. And today, people contact me for their tech suggestions, they let me build their PC’s to feature on my channel. And things became so easy and stressful, that I get to build PC’s every now and then. My fear of not being able to stay top notch went away.


After my channel grew a bit, my mother encouraged me to buy some good quality equipment, and she provided me the money along with my savings, and a couple months back, I built one of the best PC setups in Bangladesh, a dream that finally came true. Sometimes I come across people recognizing me, sometimes they appreciate my passion and hard work, sometimes they agree the fact that I am aware of all the things I do, and the appreciation keeps me motivated to work hard for my channel days and nights and I have a dream that I will make it to the best PC related tech channel in Bangladesh. If I even achieved one percent of success in my YouTube journey so far, I would credit my friend Alex for teaching me some editing skills, my girlfriend who always keeps me motivated and constantly supporting me emotionally in everything I do. She keeps me happy and out of stress, giving me tips and advice on what to wear on my shoot and etc. And finally my parents, who always supported me in my extra-curricular activities, no matter what that is, besides my studies by providing me emotional, mental and financial support. My YouTube channel is Tech Mezik.

Visit the link YouTube.com/techmezikjpt . Trust me, I am one of the two-three best PC building content creators in Bangladesh but, I am still that average person, pursuing my dreams I always liked to explore around with life and do some weird stuff besides just studying. Technically going around a year back, when fancy looking school backpacks hit the market, I was looking to buy one but never found anything in Bangladesh. I was so much in love with the bag that I imported it with twice the price. Friends started complimenting and getting surprised with my new bag and started to ask me on how to get it. Instantly the idea came to my mind, that what if I try to import these stuff from abroad at a cheaper price so the majority of the people of my age can afford the bags. I didn’t want to brag about my bag and showed off, I tried to help the people around looking for the same thing. A few days later, after discussing with my mother, who didn’t hesitate twice for helping me achieve another dream, including other support from my girlfriend and family, I started off the business in a Facebook page named “Bag Biters BD” with three more partners investing money in the business. I started to find out the sellers abroad and contacted them. And a week later, I had a backpack stock of over 50 pieces. I let my friends and relatives know to help me out by purchasing their bags, but my sales weren’t that up to the mark. I sold only 3 bags in the first month I was disappointed, disheartened. After researching on sales management and working hard to make the Facebook page top notch with proper skills, the next month, I had a bumper! I sold around 60 bags and also ran out of stock and had to take pre-orders for my clients. I figured out on how to keep the business running with my partners providing me full support. I Figured out on how life gives you a chocolate milkshake if you work hard and not lemons (I don’t know if that makes sense lol). Weeks and months went by and my sales increased. My business is now valued at over 2 lacs. Yes, the value is really small, but investing 1/4 of what it is now, I would say, I have taken it to a good position. Handling social media, taking orders, making invoices, delivering them, managing cash, everything felt so ‘corporate’ and I believe that one day, I will take my YouTube channel and business to a position where it is known worldwide. I am just an average teenager trying to pursue big dreams. And if you dream big, the worst thing that can happen is, you get closer to your dreams. And that too, is a great start isn’t it? Work hard, have ambition. Try to play around with your brain. It’s full of talents. Your brain has a ‘default’ stage that you need to tweak to get things going. There will be ups and downs in life. But don’t let anything pull you back because you have a dream to catch! –

-Sadman Sakib,

Content Creator(Tech Mezik)

Founder and CEO (Bag Biters BD)


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