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Hear from Nuzhat Minhaz, the one who started the journey of PrivaC, a project that helps cyber-crime victims.


Tell us a bit about PrivaC

PrivaC is a project that aids victims of cyber-crimes by guiding and referring them to verified legal services and professional psychological counseling, along with any other relevant services that may be of benefit to families, relatives, and friends of victims, such as information and statistics. We are mediators and compassionate guides working towards the well-being of netizens.


So why specifically cybercrime? What made you take this initiative?

Over centuries and decades, countries have established legal systems to protect and bring justice to victims of physical crimes ranging from theft to assault. Then technological advancements came about, the growth of which is unmatched by any other, and criminal offenders found a new medium to extend their misconduct over- the Internet. Compared to the legal system that is already in place for crimes that the human race is familiar with, computer-oriented crimes are relatively new, and there is still much progress to be made for the legal system to keep up with the technological advancements as more and more crimes take place in the world of machines, and also in the physical world with the help of machines. As a result, there has been an outbreak of crimes over the cyber-space, and the cases that are served with justice are a small dot compared to those that remain unattended to. With PrivaC, I intend to shorten the gap between being a cybervictim and actually getting help for being wronged; especially in a country where help is available but not accessible to the general population. Cybercrimes are new. They need effective solutions that may not resemble the solutions found for the types of crimes that we already know of. Cybercrimes are foreign to the generations that came before us, and therefore comes down to us to deal with. What made me take this initiative? I’m a former cybervictim myself.


So far, what are the challenges you have faced?

Mostly convincing victims to take legal action, for they are usually completely unaware that what has been done to them is indeed a crime, and their lack of knowledge is almost always taken advantage of by criminals lurking on the Internet.


What are your plans with PrivaC in future?


  • Establishing Project PrivaC in multiple countries beyond the borders of Bangladesh, mainly focusing on less-economically developed countries, thereby targeting the collection of relevant data and the addition of information to our system, from around the world to help victims of those nations. This issue is not limited to only LEDCs, but includes every single user of the Internet who deserves to be safe within the cyberspace.


  • Progress with the social stigma that is largely influenced by the political and economic state of the nations; the stance of governments/institutions on a project such as this that may threaten corrupt tendencies of twisted use of legal matters, especially in the field of ICT acts and privacy violations.


Do you have any message you would like to give to the youth?

You are not alone. Help is always available. You just need to ask.


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About Me:

Nuzhat Minhaz,

B.S Computing and Information Technologies

Rochester Institute of Technology

New York, United States

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