Debating: What’s in it for the students?

Yashfeen Fatima Karim

On the 6th and 7th of November, Midas Finance Ltd. presents Campus Club Summit In Association with The Daily Star was organized by Excellence Bangladesh. On the first day – 7th of November, around an hour-long session on the Program- Debating: What’s in it for the students – was held at this summit. 

Three notable speakers talked about their own personal experiences in the debate community and the advice they have for the youth of this generation and its succeeding ones with moderator Tanjim Ferdous, National Consultant, United Nations in Bangladesh. The speakers were:

  1. Zunaed Rabbani – CEO The Right Kind and AIRN
  2. Nobonita Chowdhury – Director – Gender, Justice and Diversity, BRAC
  3. Sakib Bin Rashid – Curriculum and Material Development Specialist, BRAC Youth Platform

The conversation primarily focused on the significance of debating and the transformation of the debating society in our country over the last thirty years.

All three of the invited speakers were active members of the debate fraternity throughout their school, college, and university lives and hence participated and reigned as champions multiple times in various debate competitions during their experiences. Both Mr. Rashid and Mr. Rabbani belonged to the debate club of St. Joseph International School. Ms. Chowdhury was a student of Holy Cross College who also, once stepping into the debating world at a very young age in sixth grade, stood determined to participate in all future debate tournaments and bring inclusivity to this interactive and vocal activity.

A debate, in layman’s terms, is a discussion based on a topic that is open-ended. This means that there is no single specific ‘right’ perspective. The motion of a debate can vary from politics, economics, society, philosophy, gender, culture, technology, and many more themes that are relevant or recurring events in the world. Hence, because of the content of the debate, it is essential for the youth to be components in its circuit.

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