DBZ Super Review

P.S. – This is a spoiler free review


Unless you are living under a rock you must have already heard about the new Dragon Ball Super movie that is being premiered at STAR Cineplex since last Friday. For the first time in Bangladeshi history, an anime movie is being premiered on the big screen and the hype speaks up for it.


Writing a review for such a great movie was actually very difficult, because just reviewing the story, music, characters and screenplay wouldn’t do it justice. The experience of watching it with all the Dragon Ball fans on the big screen is a treat on its own. I can still remember the crowd cheering and chanting for Goku and Vegeta and even charging the Kamehameha at the top of their voice.


Don’t even think that the hall is filled with kids, fans of all ages have gathered at Star Cineplex to be a part of this historical moment. Even if you are not updated with the latest Dragon Ball Super series, you can still enjoy it to its full extent.


The story of DBS: Broly is divided into two parts, the past and the present. The past tells the story of Saiyans and how Goku, Vegeta and Broly are connected with each other which follows the Dragon Ball Minus manga. While the present tells the story of what happens after the tournament of power saga of DBS series. The simplicity of the plot makes it even more enjoyable with the breathtaking action it provides. It also has the usual comedy parts of the Dragon Ball series which just adds more to the whole movie experience.


The animation of DBS: Broly is on the next level which gets even better when paired up with the amazing sound effects and background music. The hand drawn animation and great use of CGI will give you nostalgic feelings while not compromising on the quality of the movie. The action scenes are super fast and vivid where your eyes and ears can barely keep up with it. Even after watching so many movies on the big screens, DBS: Broly easily gave me the goosebumps.


This is probably one of the best action movies that have come out in recent times and if you liked or watched the Dragon Ball series in your childhood then this is a must watch for you. I would rate it 10/10 even tho I want to rate it over 9000.


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