Creating Brand Recognition Worldwide- Fahmida Islam


La Mode is a production house based in Dhaka, Bangladesh creating premium quality, ethically crafted footwear and accessories for women. The products are crafted with care by local artisans using locally and internationally sourced cruelty-free material.  La Mode molds its collection according to the needs and demands of its clientele, teamed with inspiration from the designs that are taking the current fashion world by a storm.

Recently, the company registered its shoes as an ‘Amazon Prime Product.’ We spoke to Fahmida  Islam, the owner of La Mode and heard more from her.


How are the products of La Mode different from anywhere else’s?

Our products are designed exclusively by me.  With a sense of chic and excellent craftsmanship – we design, collect the best materials available around the world and craft the best quality footwear. All our products are hand crafted at La Mode’s own workshop by trained local craftsmen. Thus, we got our ultimate tag line,” Made in BD.”


How does it feel to have your shoes as a “Prime Product” in Amazon?

Honestly, it’s an overwhelming feeling. We shipped worldwide even before we were listed as a “prime product” in Amazon. But with Amazon, we got recognized worldwide and it is so much easier to reach people now. We feel honored to be one of the first local brands to be listed as prime product in Amazon.


What hurdles have you faced while establishing your business? Were there any special difficulties as a female entrepreneur?

 It’s not easy to establish a new business in Bangladesh, that too, a local one. We did face quite a few hurdles.  But nothing out of the ordinary. With my partner’s support, we managed to overcome every obstacle, and we will continue to do so. As a female entrepreneur, people don’t take you seriously at first, unless you actually prove yourself. I think I’ve proved my worth time and again. Alhamdulillah, I didn’t face any sort of discrimination.


Tell us a little bit about your work-life balance.

I make sure that I balance my work life and personal life properly. To lead a healthy life, I follow a few rules every day and record my routine and try to share it with my followers to help them. Accept that there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance. Don’t strive for the perfect schedule. Strive for a realistic one. Some days, you might focus more on work, while other days you might have more time and energy to pursue your hobbies or spend time with your loved ones. Balance is achieved over time, not each day. Prioritizing your health first will make you a better employee and a better person. You will miss less work and when you are there, you will be happier and productive. Prioritizing your health doesn’t have to consist of radical or extreme activities. It can be as simple as daily meditation or exercise. We live in a connected world that never sleeps. Cutting ties with the outside world from time to time allows us to recover from weekly stress and gives us space for other thoughts and ideas to emerge. Unplugging can mean something simple like practicing meditation, instead of checking work emails. These steps have helped me immensely.


What are your aspirations with La Mode?

We want to expand La Mode and want to be recognized worldwide. We want to be on multiple platforms and be the best version of ourselves.


What advice would you like to give to the young generation out there?

I think the most important thing to become an entrepreneur is to be true to yourself and how you would like to portray your work. The only important advice is this if you have an idea and if you have faith in it, go for it! No idea is too big or too little.

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