Come forward to save street dogs

Reasad Shourov

Coronavirus, a global pandemic, has already forced the whole world to get shut down and stay inside. Being human beings, we have enough privilege so that we can make arrangements for our meals and have enough access to get the necessary ingredients, and some of us are having a great time with the help of Netflix by staying at home. And nevertheless, to say, some of us are enjoying different dishes through everyday meals. Although, being a poor country, we have numerous unprivileged people around us who are going through a very difficult time in terms of managing foods, money and so on. But still, the government and other organizations are trying their level best to provide relief and necessary ingredients among them in this crisis. Aren’t we slipping out thinking of other living beings in our conscience? Currently, they are also starving in a food crisis.

There are more than thousands of stray dogs in our country who solely depend on us for their regular food. Therefore, they mostly depend on street food wastes, meat market waste, grocery shop and on some garbage places where all the wastes materials get dumb. Sometimes, out of humanity, many restaurants, even public people give food to them though mostly we expect them to find food by themselves from trashes. And that’s how they usually fulfill the necessity of their meal. Consequently, those stray dogs are starving having no food at all and the situation is really pathetic.

I went out today after 16 days straight to get some medicine for my mom from a nearby shop. Around 50 dogs live in the streets in our area. It was really hard to witness their struggles as they were running restlessly from one corner to another in search of food. Some of them were lying down in such a way that they have no energy at all to lift themselves up to get the food from me. Please note, the rumor that we got to hear that we can get infected to COVID-19 by cats and dogs, is not true.

I feel it should be our duty out of humanity that we help those stray cats and dogs to survive. Providing them food once in a day in every area shouldn’t be a very big deal if a few volunteers come out. Providing meals to each dog every day will be enough, twice can be good though. 

Here are a few things we can do immediately:

  • Few amounts of rice with other meals at the end of the day can be put into packets and can be distributed among our nearby stray dogs. 
  • We can donate 50-100 taka by each member in a volunteering group to buy slices of bread and biscuits to feed them
  • We may ask our family members and our acquaintances to help their nearby street dogs and to contribute as much as possible,
  • Volunteers have to be cautious regarding hygiene such as using masks while going out to provide food, washing their hands properly after coming back. At the same time, they should be careful regarding making gatherings. One or two members should be enough in the nearby area at a time.  

Let’s spread the humanity out of our community and it’s time to save our best friends.


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