Challenges faced in the Bangladeshi Stock Market

Subah Jareen Neha 

“Bangladesh currently has one of the fastest growing economies worldwide”, would be an optimistic statement but not extensively well comprehended among the common people of our country. Our government aims to attain a GDP growth rate of 8.25% for the current fiscal year through an increase in total investment to 33.54%, 25.15% of which shall result from private investments. Prospects of proper investment do not come easy, especially while addressing the stock market. The Bangladeshi stock market, like all stock markets, can be immensely profitable, given that the interested individual is aware of all possible contingencies. The country’s youth are uninformed of the benefits and opportunities of proper investment in Bangladesh Stock Market and its possible drawbacks. Hence a business startup heavily relies on bank loans, a very costly alternative and not feasible for small entrepreneurs. Entering the stock market without sufficient knowledge might bring about hefty consequences; the risk factors often intimidate the newcomers to explore the realm of a stock exchange.

The private sector investment has lingered around 22% to 23% range, and to improve these statistics, undergraduates/young entrepreneurs/the budding generation need to explore and discover heavily. From large wealth funds to the smallest startups, all face common issues such as: how to meet liabilities, deciding where to invest and how much risk to take on. Solving real life cases, handling relatable scenarios and detecting opportunities are an effective way to learn. The younger the player, the more expendable time they have to make mistakes and recover, thus time is money when it comes to college investors, thanks to compound interest. Experienced investors agree that a small sum of money if invested properly can reap profits and help one in building a rich portfolio in the long run.  Educate yourself about asset management, investment strategies, risk management, etc. to pave your path to success. 

Aside from the fact that it will bring about useful revenue, investing in the potential Bangladesh Stock Market will enrich your personal investment portfolio, help you distribute and gather further resources and above all, prolong you to experience the world of structured money making. To encourage and enlighten the undergraduate students of Bangladesh about all these prospects, North South University Finance Club introduced Optimity, nation’s only Investment and Portfolio Management Competition. This prestigious platform not only gives the Youth a chance to implement their financial knowledge, but also to enhance them. The 3rd edition of this competition: Optimity 2019, is about to take place, very soon. 

The writer is a 2nd-year undergraduate student of North South University. She can be reached at [email protected]


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