Career options that will impress your ‘pasher-bashar’ aunty

They send you halwa ruti when festivals are going on. They worry about your exam grades more than your parents do. They want you to get the best partner in life, so they even tell your parents about the person you are going out with, just so you find a better one. Why can’t you do a little bit for them, and go for careers that will impress your pasher bashar aunties and make them proud?


Doctor: If you don’t offer her free treatment in return for all she has done for you, are you even a human being? Go after that medical degree!

Engineer: Who will fix her daughter’s computer when her daughter will say it’s wrecked, only because she is an illiterate who can’t operate windows 10? Who will call you to install new apps on her mobile phone because even though she is using a smartphone, she herself isn’t smart? You!

Lawyer: Remember the times she told your mom that her son excelled and you didn’t? That’s because your pasher bashar aunty loves you more than her son! And if that son somehow turns into a criminal, who will get him out of jail, proving to the court that the son came from the holiest angel? You!

Ghor Jamai / Bouma : Well, if you can’t be any of the above three, be her son in law or daughter in law. Your aunty’s benefit – She will get to adore you with her complaints every single day. Your benefit – you will get to adore her actions. If you are a boy, stay at her premises. Your pasher bashar aunty will take good care of her ghor jamai by lovingly expressing the fact that her jamai could not become a doctor, engineer or lawyer. If you are a girl, even better! She will torture you in every single way to make sure you don’t take her place in her son’s life. But remember, she will torture you with love.


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