Can gaming be a legitimate career option in Bangladesh?

To many, video games might sound like a fun recreational activity that has no real value in life. But that might not be the case even in a country like Bangladesh. Professional video gamers have existed ever since we stepped into the 21st century. They are full-time gamers who earn their livelihood just through gaming and nothing else. But how?

Gamers earn in mainly 2 ways: Competing in esports and streaming. Competitive esports or electronic sports are those online games where players play as a team or solo against each other. Some popular titles are League of Legends, Dota, CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch and many more. These games require high skill sets and a lot of practice to be at the top. Such competitive games have their own championships, some are official and some are unofficial. Some of them offer huge prize money for the winning team as well. That being the case good players from their own respective game of choice form a team, that team can either be sponsored or amateur. They earn money by winning the competition or from their team sponsors.

The other way of earning money through gaming would be streaming on some online platforms. The most popular platform for game streaming is Twitch. In this case, players can play any game of their choice and stream it online, where viewers will donate money if they like the show. This depends a lot on individual persona and charisma rather than gaming skills.

Now lets talk about both of them in Bangladesh’s perspective. Paid and sponsored teams have existed in Bangladesh for a very long time, though there are only a handful of them in every competitive game. First of all, only a few teams get sponsored and in Bangladesh the number is even lower. Getting recruited to a professional team requires a lot of time and skill. But the payoff is great as the teams provide various opportunities to the player like streaming facility, monthly salary, and free gaming gears.

On the other hand, video game streaming has been getting popular in Bangladesh only in recent years, mainly since Facebook and Youtube introduced streaming services. So as there aren’t that many streamers, so now is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to give streaming games a chance while the competition is low.

So if you think you are really talented and skillful in a competitive game, then join a team or if you think you have what it is to be the next online gamer celebrity then start streaming!



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