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When I was binging Bad Boy Billionaires over the last weekend, I had no idea I would be sitting in an interview with the director of the project. I didn’t have any reason to have as many questions and theories popping up in my head as they did, but that’s just the kind of series that Bad Boy Billionaires is. It leaves you wondering, pondering, and pensive….

An Indelible Sin

I’m not entirely sure about this, but my heart sinks as I stare at the blood I just coughed up seconds ago. 

I’ve been sitting here at the bijoy Shoroni signal, in this unreasonably crowded bus, trying to get to Banani from Farmgate, for what I think is at least an hour in human time. I’m not sure, I haven’t checked. But I’m pretty sure that I am going to be disastrously late today. I hate it, the traffic, the people, the bus, the job, all of it. Partly because it’s trashy in its own right, but mostly because I was never supposed to be a part of any of it. 

‘Yesterday, I was having a sudden urge to jump off the roof, but I was lazy to get up from my bed’. I looked shockingly at my fourteen-year-old cousin telling me this, with coldness in her voice, and her face, filled with apathy. I immediately knew she was not lying. Even though most of what she says are usually lies. This one was easy to differentiate. What led to her, an early-teenager to have suicidal thoughts was years of practice of verbal, emotional and physical abuse by her parents, a horrible exercise that often takes place in our households. The terrifying part is it has been normalized in our culture over the generations. Sadly, the concept of bad parenting and its impact on children is still buried in the grave… Read More

Something to Think About

With an amount of $15.5 billion, Bangladesh had the third highest position in South Asia in receiving
remittance in 2018 which became $18.32 billion in the next year. There might also a chance to make this
figure even bigger but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the whole situation uncertain.

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