Breaking Boundaries to Teach – Yanur Islam Piash

Yanur is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bohubrihi, an online course marketplace. Hear from him.

What gave you the courage to start something like that from very scratch?

Honestly, it was always my first priority to take the challenge of doing something on my own. Then I came up with the plan of E-Learning. 

I can come up with two names from whom I got the inspiration of doing something of my own. They are-BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club and Mr. Nazmus Sadat who was the founder of the Club. I entered the club when I was in the second year of my University with no confidence and skill and with a need to develop myself. I got huge encouragement and a learning environment from the seniors of the club which further helped me a lot to boost up my talent. Each and every person of that panel inspired me in their own ways, groomed me with their own initiatives, appreciated me and helped me to boost up my confidence level. These things actually gave me the ‘courage’. And the ‘desire’ of doing something like this grew from the discussions I had about personal growth, business value, etc with Mr. Nazmus Sadat. We used to discuss so many things every time we met. 

We started working on “Bohubrihi” in 2016 but it was 2018 when we could launch it. We stepped into revenue generating stage in the midst of 2018. From the midst of 2016 up to the beginning of 2018, this time period was really tough. I was in second year of my University. I used to invest there with the money I got from tuitions. E learning requires a very sophisticated website. But I couldn’t find anyone who could help me develop the website as I desired and also couldn’t afford to hire a web developer for designing the website. So we decided to develop the website of our own. It took a little time to create the platform as we started to learn web developing from the very beginning and then developed our site on our own. In that period, I used to get frustrated from time to time, our progress slowed down, we used to face a lot of problems, works used to get stuck due to financial problems. I used to share all my problems with Mr. Sadat and persons like him. We could relate our problems with each other as they faced the same situations during their start-up as I did. Our communication amongst ourselves helped us a lot to carry on with our plan. Though there are some problems, now the situation is better than it was ever. 


Why did you choose E-learning?

 When I was in my second year of BUET I felt the necessity of developing my skill, being active, engage myself in some activities. So, I joined clubs. But to prove my worth there, I needed to showcase my skills. To develop my skills, my classmate Galib (my partner in Bohubrihi) introduced me with an online course. After that, we did many courses on various platforms. There were some platforms in our country then and there are also some good platforms now. But they lack in providing specialized skills. So people of our country who are interested in this sector generally prefer foreign platforms over the domestic one for a better experience. We always used to repent about the fact that there is no platform in our country that could stand up to the people’s expectations and so we knew there was scope in our country to develop this specific sector. The market here is huge, yet qualified platforms are so less. So I thought  I should create such a platform which I myself will like. The platform should have the quality to seize the attention of the people so that people choose it over foreign platforms even though they already know how qualified those foreign platforms are. These thoughts still pop up in my mind while creating a new course or when someone submits a new course. I still think about how the smart people around me will think about it or will they like it. It is more important to bring up enthusiast and smart audiences than to bring up a huge number of unclassified audience. So the challenge of standing up to their expectation drives us to maintain our quality and develop it further.


How do u intend to make it more available for the students?   

The answer to this question is available in 4th point but yet I am explaining a bit here. Our website reflects that this platform is only for students. But we have two types of customer- university students and early stage employees (young professionals). Our main motive is to make both categories of audiences ready for industry or workforce. So the employees will develop themselves for growth in their career or shift it, and on the other hand, students will prepare themselves for industries by developing new skills, boosting up their confidence and gain expertise in new fields.

What obstacles do you still face and how you are gonna overcome them?

The main problem is, the concept of E-learning has not been properly established in our country. One of the reason behind is, E-learning has been illustrated in an inappropriate way to the mass people. So, either most of them do not know what E-learning is, or the people knows about it has a bad experience regarding this so, they maintain a distance from it. Only making content and giving it a catchy caption like “Ghore Boshe Aay Korun” for selling is not E-learning. Suppose, you build a school, you admitted students in it, this doesn’t resign you from your work, this implies that your work has just begun.

Do you have any message for the learners about how they should work on themselves for their betterment?

Let the people know about your value. Most people can’t throw them outside of their comfort zone, this is not a problem. You can start something alone or with your close friends. If you do not think about the “Next Big Thing” how will it work? 



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