Branding Extracurricular Activities in the Media

Shanila Ahmed

On the 6th and 7th of November, Midas Finance Ltd. presents ‘Campus Club Summit’ In Association with The Daily Star, which was organized by Excellence Bangladesh was held. On the second day – 7th of November, around half an hour-long session on the Program-  “Branding Extracurricular Activities in the Media” – took place at this summit. 

With Benjir Abrar (Founder & CEO, Excellence Bangladesh) as moderator, the panel of experts for the discussion comprised of:

  1.  Jabed Sultan Pias, Head of Business, Prothom Alo Digital.
  2.  Md. Tajdin Hassan, Head of Marketing, The Daily Star.
  3.  Imran Kadir, Founder & CEO, Mission Save Bangladesh.

In this new era, competition for survival has increased to a great extent. Clubbing and extracurricular activities, which was once a form of entertainment, has now become an essential aspect for skill development in our day to day life. In this session of this Club Summit, three notable figures from three prominent mass media discussed how extracurricular activities have changed throughout the change of time; and they gave some advice on branding co-curricular activities in the media. 

Other than academic results, a person is significantly judged on their skills and achievements. That’s why the demand for clubbing and non-scholastic activities are increasing with the flow of time. To help us achieve these greater skills, a lot of organizations, committees and academies are arranging clubs and hosting diverse events and sessions. But not every event gets its expected outcome. This happens mostly because of the lack of audience. To connect with the right audience, marketing through media is an important initiative. 

Making partnerships with the right media can bring out the best in many individuals, as it helps in building the right kind of relationship with a large audience. But to get connected with the right media is a great hassle. An eminent news media gets countless proposals for branding and marketing for many organizations. But to make your proposal noticeable among the hundreds, an impactful outcome can catch the eyes of your desired agency, comfortably. The moderator, Mr. Abrar asked the opinion of Mr Tajdin Hassan and Mr. Jabed Sultan Pias regarding the issue of media partnership. 

Mr. Tajdin Hassan said, “Every event has a goal of their own, but many are truly not aware of their roadmap and their real target. I’ve seen many organizations describe their proposal as something meaningful. But they fail to elaborate on how exactly their plan will bring success to people. We want to see if a person or an organization is aware of their goal, their real objective, their impact on the initiative. An impactful outcome for both the target audience and the media agency is honestly what we look for in forming a partnership. Because the media is not a charitable organization.”

Mr. Jabed Sultan Pias gave the suggestion that one should always state the achievements of a person or an organization in their CV or portfolio at first. He elaborated, “An excellent academic result is wonderful, no doubt here. But now, only this won’t help in promoting an idea or a person impactfully. One doesn’t need to do numerous extracurricular activities or have countless accomplishments, but one should try to have at least one achievement which is different from others. Rather than focusing on multiple things, one should try to focus on one thing which can serve as a wonderful example of their achievement.”

All things considered, life has become pretty challenging. But extracurricular activities have given us the chance to connect with other people, to find a comfort zone, and to create something meaningful for those who need it. Enjoying every moment in life is another lesson one should always have in mind.

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