Bornoshilpi – An attempt to portray Bangla language through calligraphy

To revive the historical vocabulary of Bengali language in a new and different way, a competition has been organized to highlight the timeless expression of feelings on the way out of the chain through calligraphy. 

Organized by IPDC Finance, a competition titled ‘Bornoshilpi’, all the heart-touching expressions that have a permanent place in the hearts of the people including historical and timeless songs, poems, slogans and speeches of Bengali language have been called upon to be reflected in the beauty of calligraphy.

Participating in this heterogeneous competition centered on Bengali language can be done in four categories. There are different categories for students in different segments.

The ‘Bornoshilpi’ competition organized by IPDC is an attempt to revive the historical vocabulary of Bengali language in a fun way.

Competitors will be able to submit calligraphy in the IPDC’s competition till March 6, 2021. Competitors must first register for the calligraphy submission here.

After registration, each contestant will get a specific phrase for calligraphy which the contestants have to submit to the website arranged in calligraphy. The results of the competition will be announced on March 26, 2021. Besides, the best 50 painters of the competition will be awarded to commemorate the 50th anniversary of independence.

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