Body Shaming

We live in a society where everyone is obsessed with being perfect in every aspect of life. We try to be perfect so that we can be more presentable to society. We try to be perfect and fail as we try to fit ourselves within the social stereotypes. Among all the social stereotypes, one of the highlighted topics of these days is Body Shaming.


Body shaming means judging others about their body shape and saying negative things to them. Both men and women are being body shamed. But in the majority of the scenario, the victims are girls. Sometimes we see people preaching about the cons of body shaming but in real life, they also hold more interest in slim girl over a so-called curvy girl. The obsessiveness of being slim increases as we see that many celebrities or models have the lucrative and desirable figure which is socially accepted, but do we focus on the struggles they go through! These models need to maintain a strict routine where they can’t eat anything according to their own wish. Moreover, they even get fired from their work because of unpermitted weight gain. Despite being talented, in this media industry, most of the candidates are rejected because of their body shape.


Talking about others body shape is the most common scenario in every stage of our society; starting from family to workplace people bully us on the basis of our body shape. Furthermore, our nearest people are the ones to judge us the most by putting pressure on us to be slimmer. At home parents say, ‘You would get a better marriage proposal if you lose some weight’ or ‘You would look prettier if weighted less’. Majority of the criticism comes from friends. However, friends are the one who should stand with us, but they also make fun of us by saying, ‘You look like Aunty’. As a result, those criticism turns into a nightmare for the victims and leaves them stranded with frustration and low self-esteem. This leaves a negative mark on the everyday life of the victims. A student gets a lower grade and for a service holder, their productivity decreases day by day.


Some try to get things right by dieting while others just keep quiet and suffer. Those who diet, try to be slim as soon as possible and in this process, they just do harm to themselves. Girls of a very young age are seen to be dieting now. They use crash diet, supplements and slimming tablets to lose weight. But they forgot that dieting is not a solution, dieting worsens the situation. This unplanned dieting leaves them with stomach pain, dehydration, lack of minerals and a weak body filled with anxiety.


The point of this writing is to aware people to stop body shaming and how badly it can affect someone. We should stop this practice as soon as possible. We are all beautiful in our own ways and most importantly, we should love ourselves rather than loving others opinion. So, let’s start working on individual betterment.




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