Blockchain for non-profits and volunteering fields

Starting from logistics to finance, Blockchain ensures a secure system no matter what it is. It’s not immune to hacking, but the distributed ledger technology of Blockchain signifies so individual piece of vulnerability provides cybercriminals with access to all information at once. Here are some ways about how Blockchain’s security can make a difference in non-profit and volunteering fields.

Although some non-profit people realize that cybersecurity is not a matter of joke for their organizations, they often lack the proper information on knowing the consequences and preventing them. Using outdated computer software, or even not using proper sets of software means that the importance of cybersecurity is still not clear. Think of the financial donors, for example. Without a proper cybersecurity system, it’s too much risky.

Data Tampering takes place when unauthorized changes are made to a person’s data. Now it’s worth being explained why one of the general characteristics of Blockchain is that data kept on it is immutable. Research displays decreasing trust in non profits in the US. If people interact with non-profits with the anxiety of cybersecurity systems, they might probably hesitate to get engaged with activities.

Impressive volunteer activities might get overlooked if organizers are not providing adequate time for up front interactions. Zhiyuan Hui, China’s largest volunteer service platform offers a Blockchain based application that verifies the service hours given. Volunteers can simple and securely record their hours, as well as get rewarded for their time in a form of cryptocurrency – Yi Coin.

This system is offering a win-win situation by reducing paperwork for volunteer coordinators and giving them more time to meet volunteers and addressing their concerns.

These are a few reasons why Blockchain could be so important non profits, the volunteers and data associated.


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