Bleach Movie Review

I know some of you get cringed when you hear Netflix is making another live-action adaptation of some popular anime or comic series and I was skeptical about Bleach as well, specially when the Death Note movie from Netflix was such a big disappointment. But after watching it (which took me a lot of courage to do so) I can proudly say that they have done justice to the original series and manga.


Bleach tells the story of Kurasaki Ichigo (Souta Fukoshi), a teenager who can see ghosts. With some unexpected turns of event, he meets a god of death Kuchiki Rukia (Hana Sugisaki) and ends up becoming one as well. Now he must fight evil ghosts named hollow in order to save his city and fight the ghost that killed his mother.


As you can tell already, Bleach requires a lot of Special Effects and live-action adaptations never did those things right, until now. With crisp action scenes and highly realistic depiction of ghosts and monsters, Bleach will easily take your breath away. Furthermore, the plot and storytelling are beautifully done and anyone can enjoy the movie even when he or she isn’t familiar with the original Bleach franchise. The story and plot execution is great as well and will leave a satisfying feeling after you watch it.


Live-Action adaptations have a long history of being a failure in the movie industry and often blamed for excessive westernization. The most controversial one being Dragon Ball: Evolution live-action movie which easily destroyed the childhood of thousands of fans. But Bleach can become an example of what live-action adaptations should be. It goes away from the norm of using western characters to depict Japanese culture and uses talented actors instead of amateur artists.


Bleach is an excellent live-action movie and if you still haven’t watched Bleach (2018) then you definitely should. I would rate it 8.5/10 as a standalone movie and 7/10 from a live-action adaptation point of view.


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