Best Indian Standup Comedians

Bored? Had a bad day? Or maybe you just want to laugh? Here are 5 of the best indian comedians who will be worth your time.

5) Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal, is one of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India. Aditi raises awareness through humor, which is a tough thing to do. Search her on YouTube now!


4) Biswa Kalyan Rath

Biswa is that man probably no one can hate. Most of his jokes are based on him being an engineer and Odiya at the same time, but all of this comes after the famous Pretentious Movie Reviews he had started on YouTube a few years ago with Kanan Gill. They’re simply hilarious.


3) Vir Das

Break-ups, first kisses, his experiences as an NRI in America… it has everything that an average Indian relates to. What makes his shows so much fun is the rude edge he brings to his jokes. He has now taken the next big step of his career and has his own Netflix special called ‘Abroad Understanding’ and this is something you want to keep your eyes on and tune your ears to.


2) Kanan Gill

You can’t just not laugh when he is speaking. This man takes the funniest examples from his life and portrays them in a way that you can’t keep yourself from laughing continuously.


1) Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian has been making people fall off their chairs for years with his jokes about being awfully middle class growing up in a Malayali household. From jokes about how easy it is to make dosa to the kinds of mistakes he’s committed while he’s in a relationship, he’s got it all covered. Plus, he also frequently uploads his stand ups on YouTube to make sure his online audience is just as satisfied as the ones who get to watch him live.


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