Best Fitness Apps for Home Workout during Quarantine

Both my parents are regular walkers. Amidst the terror of the COVID-19, neither of them has been able to maintain their walking schedule. The same goes for my friends who regularly work out in the gym. All of them have encountered this change in their routine and are having difficulty adapting to the change. 

When you are someone who is habituated with a certain kind of physical exhaustion a day, not working out can feel bizarre. Sometimes, it agitates you and leaves you in an awful mood. In case things are bothering you, here are a few apps that will help you track your fitness and keep you active.

FatSecret Calorie Counter:

No matter how much you work out if your diet won’t support it, the workout is useless. Calorie Counter is a wonderful App. As the name suggests, this app allows you to maintain your calorie count. This app contains a dietary diary that allows you to keep track of the calories consumed and calories burned a day. The app is free in Play store but a paid subscription allows usage of premium features. 

Cardio :

This app has a variety of workouts. There are exercises for beginners and also for experts. The app has a range of HIIT workouts, light cardio, plyometrics and even joint workouts. Upon subscription, you might as well get weekly training plans in accordance with your goals. 

Tai Chi for Seniors:

This app is specially made for people above 50. So, your parents can easily use this app to substitute their park walks. With this app, find 64 demonstration videos with step-by-step instruction from a tai chi master, and audio guides, too. Everything you need to begin your healthful tai chi practice. All these exercises are great for both body and soul.

Pocket Yoga:

Yoga can help you lower blood pressure, ease stress, reduce back pain and even lose weight. People who practice yoga are already a winner in case they have to work out from home. This app is the best for the Yoga practitioners as well as beginners. From a database of illustrations and videos that show you how to do more than 200 poses designed by certified yoga instructors, you can begin your personalized yoga practice — or move on to a more advanced level.

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