Being Unforgettable


Sabah Ali is a bestselling author who began her entrepreneurial endeavors when she was a sophomore in college. Sabah got featured in NBC, ABC News, CBS, and even delivered a TED Talk. She began the movement ‘Unforgettable by Sabah’ to empower other women in the industry and to help them achieve their goals. Hear her story.


What inspired you in the first place to start with this journey?

This began when I got inspired by the words of a speaker. Before I knew it, I had a mentor who helped me start off this journey. Soon, I was involved in working with influential people and helping brands to grow. I was just a sophomore in college, so I was doing my studies and work simultaneously. I graduated a year back.


What obstacles have you faced in your way?

Doing two majors was quite a challenge and to add more to it, I was investing my time in doing business as well. Being an entrepreneur is glamorous, but people only see the success, they never want to know about the struggles one had to face to be in that position. Balancing was a really tough job for me, because college life is supposed to be fun. I was lonely, since I did not have similar minded people around me because college students are focused on different things. At the end of the day, what kept me going, is the dream to show people about my potential.


Tell us more about how you balanced such hectic schedules.

I have talked a lot about that in my book. So my life consisted of clients, classes, and clients and classes again. I literally had no social life. It’s okay to admit now that my family perhaps could not visualize what all my efforts were for at first. Yes, it was difficult to tell them. Now, they get why I did all of that.


What do you have to say about women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh?

Yes! They have a lot of leadership potential. I couldn’t relate more, since my brand began operating with women entrepreneurs. For people who think that they do not have a voice, or can’t share an opinion, I disagree. I have heard this term a lot, “They can’t think similarly. They’re women.” As negative as it might sound, there’s an optimistic side to this. Because they think differently, their viewpoints can give unique perspectives to every business! The blend of emotional and logical standpoint is something we all want, don’t we?


Any message for the youth of Bangladesh?

I have heard a lot about the mindset of many Bangladeshi young aspirers that they don’t have so many opportunities, such as capital. I grew up in the U.S., and trust me when I say that I did not have sufficient capital or funding to begin with a bang.  Your environment should not reflect your inner capability! Everyone can utilize their abilities to follow their dreams. Obviously, the situation is not the same for everyone, but how can you succeed when you don’t even try? You can do it; believe in yourself.


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