Being Dauntless

Hear from Mehedi Shoron, The Founder and COO of He is just a first-semester student studying at Daffodil International University.


Firstly, tell us about

Hellotask is an on-demand maid service application. Anyone can get connected with a verified, trained and skilled maid by just downloading our app. A customer can book a maid for a given package with discounts. Anyone can hire a maid for a whole month. We will provide 30 days pfc assurance. Our app can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and App store.

How did you come up with this idea?

Maid service was never our prime product. We started our journey as RobotDako serving on-demand delivery. This didn’t go as expected, which is why we pivoted to maid service. We knew the demand is there but had no idea how big the market could be. But when we went live with only 2 maids for the first month, we then started to understand the market. As most of the maids lacked proper knowledge about technology, we had to work a lot on how to connect them with technology and it took two years to come up with a secret recipe to scale up the business.

Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

At Daffodil University, where I study, we have been taught that entrepreneurs are made, not born, which I personally don’t believe. Since my childhood I have always wanted the freedom to follow my passion. Job had never been my choice in the first place. Just after my HSC, I became a full phased businessman and did well. But my biggest challenge was to manage a supportive co-founder and the best option at that time was my elder brother. He left his secure career for this crazy passion. But we then understood, being fresher, we still need some more time to be good leaders.

What struggles have you faced so far?

You have to be dauntless to become an entrepreneur. You have to be mentally stronger while making every single decision unlike any other profession. We had to struggle a lot for funding at the beginning but after raising several rounds, now we are good to go. We now need some good advisors and mentors on this journey.

What upcoming plans do you have regarding your app?

Our goal is distinct. We want to digitalize the traditional maid industry and take it over with technology. Hellotask wants to be the market leader. We have built our foundation in the last two years. So, with time, you will see the growth.

Any message to the youth community about taking entrepreneurship as a career?

Entrepreneurship is a challenging job. If someone truly feels the passion, an urge to solve a real problem in our country, he/she should go for it. Focus is important. Distraction ruins everything. It’s a temptation being distracted at the initial phase when things don’t go as expected. Only those who don’t give up, reach the destination.


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