Becoming a better ‘me’

Suppose you are among the aver

age ones, borderline slacker, who just drifted through college and put the minimum effort required to pass your subjects and

made it. And

after successfully completing HSC/A levels, almost all of you have made your way to any public/private university. Just like the fresh new year 2019, you’re going to start a new journey which definitely has impacts on the other journeys you cherish to have in your life. We all know the importance of studying in this new academi

c journey but spending a minimum amount of time is a must which

might result in you having a handsome CGPA that

won’t make you feel embarrassed while facing “pasher bashar anty”,” attiyoshojon” and obviously “pash kore ki korba” type questions.



Nevertheless, study related topics are quite boring, right? So let’s cut to the main point. There are many things you could do in your university life or skills you can develop which are quite fun to do and will help you in various ways at the same time.


You are in real life once you graduate. So throughout the whole university life, you will grow as a person in both character and skills which will pave the way for you for the rest of your career. With the development of technology, the job sectors have become more competitive. And for your information, the unemployment rate in Bangladesh is around 4.5% which is possibly the highest among educated people. So undoubtedly it is mandatory to make yourself unique in this competitive world and I bet you don’t want to find yourself in the desert alone, that too, without water.

To make yourself unique, you don’t need any role model. Just learn new skills, make a few improvements, compete with yourself, think out of the box, and have a strong mentality to go beyond yourself. Make yourself a better ‘ME’ than yesterday.


Regarding skill development, many might have different sayings but the most important thing is that you need to be focused. The most focusing parts are adaptive thinking, communication skills, collaboration skills, problem-solving skills, technical skills, management, and so on. You need to develop higher order thinking skill such as applying, analyzing, evaluating, creating rather than lower level skill such as memorizing, recall. Always remember, communication is vital to be successful in life. Presentation skill is another aspect of communication to speak to a group of people. And of course, you need to be tolerant of criticism. Constructive criticism helps you to improve your skills. Personal management is a must that you need to take care of.


Now a day, having technical skills are very much needed and appreciated, you can learn any software skills such as Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power-point), Photoshop/ Editing (Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects), Graphic designing, Web Development and so on which are quite fun to work with and very effective as well. And you can just find a lot of tutorials and learning materials on the internet. You can also join Debating Club, Robotics Club, Business Club or MUN (model United nation). Go for learning other languages like Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic etc.

Just go for it. Don’t just sit there. Do something. And do you know the most satisfying part? You will be self-confident in your own judgment.

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