Bachelor Quarantine coming out this Eid

Bachelor Point, one of the most popular series, stopped airing due to the pandemic quite a while back. Due to excessive requests from fans, the creators of the show are coming with an exclusive episode titled ‘Bachelor Quarantine’ this Eid, as mentioned by some of the team members on social media.

Shamim Hasan Sarkar, who plays the role of Arefin in the show, stated in a Facebook post, “Dear viewers, we are all going through an unstable situation now. Even in these unstable times, we are receiving messages from everyone through various mediums, for Bachelor Point. You all will miss Bachelor Points on Eid, and we have been receiving messages like that, so even in the midst of so much trouble, only for you, we are trying to entertain you at home, through a special episode. We’ve all created this for you while being at our own homes, and Bachelor Quarantine is coming out on the second day of Eid.”

Are you excited for this special episode?

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