An attempt to change the healthcare infrastructure


I had an insightful conversation with the founder of PlexusD, Mr. Nazim Mahmud, the man who is trying to make a change in the healthcare infrastructure.


When and how did the idea of PlexusD come into being?

The entire concept of PlexusD came in when my mother got the wrong treatment due to the lack of information, and she had to suffer from kidney failure. She used to be sick with some occasional diseases, the reason that she had to visit the hospital on a weekly basis. As a result, she had to leave the house and wait for hours and hours in the queue just to get an appointment in the hospital chamber. The hassle of it could be seen in my mother’s eyes which was an eyesore for me. I decided to solve this issue of my mother and thus came the idea of PlexusD. From a personal agenda to a bit more of a professional approach was the start of bringing doctors and patients under one roof by the concept of PlexusD.


Tell us about the activities of your organization.

PlexusD, a startup from Bangladesh, is a revolutionary cloud-based healthcare networking platform and application. The idea of merging the doctors with their patients through AI and then solving their problem is the general way of how it works; that’s why unlike any other healthcare platforms operating in the market, PlexusD connects patients and doctors with the help of its innovative human-centered application and data-driven way. Its primary aim is to make the healthcare system hassle-free, effective, and efficient for both parties. Other than this, we verify each and every doctor who is part of the consulting team. The quality of doctors is guaranteed here.


What was your mission at the kickoff?

The mission was also our vision when we started this journey and it is to make sure each and every people who are suffering from lack of proper treatment by the doctors get better overall treatment and so that they could cherish the entire journey from their home to interacting with the professionals themselves.


What is so special about PlexusD?

As I said before, we are the only medical concept where the patients can directly talk and share their ins and outs with their preference of doctors. Then the doctors go through each and every section of concern and create a solution. AI integration along the app has the ability to change the entire industry and how they think about medical notions.


What are the obstacles you faced starting PlexusD?

We started our journey in the year of 2015. I with some of my close friends at that time had an idea which was supposed to change the entire concept of therapeutic segmentation. We started off with a bare minimum budget and then a tragic thing happened. We had a team, a budget to back the app and an idea that was pretty unique but things started to change for the worse as most of the teammates felt a bit demotivated and they left the working field as a whole. Then we started the app-based thing anew in 2016, again with manpower and a professional developer who we trusted a lot. The fortune did not favor us this time too as the developer himself stole our entire product concept only to sell it to a third-party buyer. During the last portion of 2017, not only did I lose the team but alongside it, I lost my concept of the app itself. It was the bottom line for me with me going back to square one situation. I did not give up. Along with some other friends, I started the entire thing as fresh as possible and this time around saw the face of success. Finally, we are up and running within a span of a year.


What are the challenges you are currently facing?

The most common challenge any entrepreneur faces is a matter of financial support. Currently, we are facing the same problem too. The fund that we need is not so easy as most renowned company doubts newcomers these days. So yeah, in short, the funding is the biggest concern as of today.


What is the recruitment system of PlexusD? Are there any internship opportunities?

Currently, we are a team of 13 people with one of our members being an intern at sales. We generally recruit 2 to 3 people in the season of summer, fall and winter offering them a paid internship.


Any piece of advice you would like to give to young entrepreneurs?

Don’t, I repeat don’t give up on your idea. Keep working until it sees the light of success and works as much as you can, as hard as you can. People will not give you anything easily, so you have to earn what you want to achieve and for that keep going at the mentors, the people who are going to support you financially and be constant about it.

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