Academic Life In Quarantine

Mehtajur Rahman

The Quarantine has radically altered the lifestyle and daily routine of people from all walks of life. But I believe, very few more so than Students in general. In order to contain the spread of the virus, Schools and colleges around the world have had to close down indefinitely. In Bangladesh, it has been recently declared that the shutdown of these institutions will continue up to at least the 6th of August. Thus, students will need to maintain their academic activities under absolutely alien circumstances while simultaneously maintaining their sanity. Here are some tips you could follow as a student:

1) Planning Ahead:
          At present, with all the mental fatigue, it might seem like the quarantine is a complex labyrinth you will never escape from, and it’s natural to feel that way. But be sure, our lives will return to normal sooner or later. And when it does, educational institutions will rapidly go through the syllabuses to make up for the lost time keeping you in the rubble if you aren’t up to pace. As its frankly impossible to imagine what the post-COVID-19 will look like, we must prepare ourselves for absolutely anything. Diligence is key in this regard.

2) Maintaining personal deadlines:
        Without a proper deadline and a seemingly unending abundance of time, we tend to procrastinate and lay off workers for the future. As a result, an unbearable amount of workload can pile up within a very short time. Maintaining personal deadlines while getting work done will help you to keep up your productivity and maintain a relaxed state of mind in the long run.

3) Properly attending your online classes:

       Most institutions are arranging online classes to help out students with their courses. Now, having to attend scheduled classes online might seem a bit tedious and tiresome, but it will help to instill some sort of scheduling and order to your academic life. Make sure to maintain proper schedules and decorum while attending online classes.

4) Upholding integrity: 

       Most institutions are currently holding some sort of online examinations to keep the students active through continuous evaluations. It’s important to uphold your integrity in the examinations and playing by fair rules even though, let’s be honest, you will have ample opportunity to cheat on the exams. But through giving an honest shot at exams, you will also be able properly to prepare yourself. And an added push to diminish procrastination always helps.

5) Maintaining a healthy mindset:

       During these turbulent times, maintaining your mental health is of utmost importance. Without a proper and healthy state of mind, you can’t stay productive no matter how much you try. Healthy communication with friends and family, reading books, watching movies are just some of the ways you can boost your morale while also maintaining proper distancing measures, and staying home. And never shy away from seeking out help from loved ones whenever you feel low.

Other than these, ensuring proper internet access, developing new skills; especially in the field of IT given current circumstances, communicating with teachers and faculty if and when needed are some of the steps you can take to maintain your academic life.

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