A Unique Collaboration: Morphe x Coca Cola

Beauty brand Morphe Cosmetics has recently announced their most unique collaboration and made their most sparkly makeup collection ever. Morphe recently announced a collaboration with carbonated beverage giant Coca-Cola. 

Coca-Cola has had a long history of collaborations with streetwear brands such as Hypebeast, KITH, A Bathing Ape, and more. A few years back, the brand made a bold move and collaborated with The Face Shop, a South Korean makeup brand for its very first collection. This is the second time Coca-Cola has collaborated with a makeup brand and brought out a wide collection. The Morphe x Coca-Cola collection contains an eye palette, a four-piece lip collection, seven-piece brush collection, and carrier bag, etc. The products are highly attractive as they have Coca-Cola written on them with bright and shiny letters. The packaging itself is a treat to the huge fan base of Coca-Cola. 

Morphe, as a brand has thrived through the influencer culture. The brand is extremely popular among the Instagram influencers and as a result a favorite of their followers as well. For years, Morphe has worked to bring pop culture into the world of beauty and they have done it successfully. The brand has previously collaborated with beauty bloggers and those collections have been extremely successful. This approach was also appreciated because Morphe has always been known to collaborate with the likes of James Charles, Jacklyn Hill, etc. But this was something new and unexpected. 

In my opinion, this collaboration ought to be a very successful one. Drinking Coca-Cola is closely associated with emotions. People have had this drink to celebrate the biggest moments in lives and the brand promises to share happiness. For most consumers, drinking a bottle of Coke is more about feeling a certain away than to quench thirst. This makeup collection screams Coca-Cola. It promises to deliver a Coke experience. The bright and colorful packaging, the green of the glass bottle, the blue of the ice to the color of the beverage itself provides the experience of drinking Coke. 

Morphe delivers authentic and quality makeup. But this collaboration strategy is something unique. It’s praiseworthy as they targeted their consumers emotionally. Apart from the pristine quality of the makeup, consumers will be more eager to purchase the collection due to years of brand loyalty associated with Coca-Cola. At this time, when businesses are in loss and people are almost moving away from the purchase of beauty and makeup items, this is a pretty smart move by Morphe.

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