A Rant about Nepotism

In simple words, nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends. 

I would request you to not get frustrated to acknowledge that this is another SSR related article. Did his death cause me to write this piece? Yes. If I didn’t write about it, would the problem disappear? The problem won’t go away even if I am writing this.

I have been coming across such nepotism instilled protests on social media, especially from people who have been a part of it. And just because you have been a part of it doesn’t mean you can’t change yourself, or that doesn’t give you the right to protest. Instead of starting the debate of the extent of how much Salman Khan, Karan Johar, and the other Bollywood biggies had to play in the recent suicide case of one of my favorite actors, Sushant Singh Rajput, I’m going to jump in to give you a quick view, about how it has been a part of the system. Did we protest constantly earlier when it took place right in front of our eyes? 

Yes, nepotism took place when a teacher distributed the question paper of school exams in his/her personal coaching classes to the students who paid extra to do coaching under the same teacher who taught at school.

Yes, nepotism took place when a corporate senior promoted a favorite subordinate not due to his/her work abilities, but because of sheer biasedness. 

Yes, nepotism took place when hundreds of students got into an educational institute because of having a ‘powerful’ father.

Yes, nepotism took place when an undeserving brand received awards in a corporate function, despite never deserving it.

Yes, nepotism took place when the student club members got promoted as executive body members of the club in high positions, not because they’re deserving, but because they had ‘shoe-licking’ connections with the faculty advisor. Oh no, don’t be sorry, I’m actually stating it out loud.

Yes, nepotism took place when a student got bullied in school, but couldn’t do anything, because the bully has a powerful ‘khala-chacha-baap’.

Yes, nepotism took place when a private university is so powerful that despite getting accused of being involved in various corruption cases, no actions took place. 

Yes, nepotism took place in Bollywood. Nepotism is everywhere. Open your eyes.

Can we deny the harsh facts about what’s going on around us? We can’t. But we can take small steps, one at time. Let’s start with following the basic regulations as they are. Don’t break the line while withdrawing cash from the bank because you have ‘connections’. You’re breaking someone else’s right. Don’t sit silent when you see people within your network being treated with disrespect because of their socio-economic background. Don’t ask your father to call up someone powerful from the industry to land you a job. There is a difference in being a privileged child, and being a part of a nepotism-instilled system.

We can’t change the entire system within a blink. But by playing our roles right, we can definitely save hundreds of Sushant Singh Rajput from suffering.

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