A Millionaire in your 20’s?

Humaira Amin Raisa

Millionaire – a title that you may have imagined picturing a 7-digit number in your head. What if you had the chance to be a millionaire in your 20s? 

Sounds like a dream? But the truth is it does not require a stroke of colossal luck. Many keep fantasizing about it, while only a few can morph it into reality. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can become a millionaire in your 20’s. 

  1. Put a hold on your social life

Do not squander money on random hang-outs. Instead, you could be investing that cash into something worthwhile.  You have to decide between earning money and enjoying a social life. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours for you to both hang out and stack cash in a day. It is okay to sacrifice something small for a more significant initiative

  1. Build a strong network

Just because you are not socially active does not mean you cannot hang out with successful people. You need to be decisive about the people you associate with. Mingle with successful and motivational people who push you towards your goals. Similarly, you could network with millionaires and follow in their footsteps. 

  1. Have multiple income streams

You’re now working in your dream job. However, is it enough to become a millionaire with a single income source? According to most, more than one revenue stream is mandatory to gain that millionaire status.  You can have a passive income source, which would not require much effort. 

Another thing to do is invest your money from the first job. Yes, put some of your savings into a dividend-paying stock or a small business. This way, you can reap the rewards to help you in your path.

Target a billion when you reach millions. The harder you catapult your finances, the quicker you will earn higher finances. 

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