A Dog’s Journey Review

When we think of 7 lives, we think of cats. When we think of wizards, we think of Harry Potter. But when we think about a true-hearted animal we only think of Dogs. 

Dog’s, the most faithful animal on earth. Everyone loves dogs until it starts barking at you. The connection between a dog and its owner is priceless. But how much truth is it? 

A dog’s journey unfolds the purpose of a dog’s life and how much dedicated a dog is to its owner. In the movie the owner of the dog was “Ethan” and the name of the dog is “Bailey”. The dog grew up with his owner his all life and their understanding were rock solid. Yet Baily’s purpose was to protect Ethan’s granddaughter “CJ”. 

The story went through 4 different dogs with the mindset to protect “CJ”. It sounds kind of complicated because they made it that way. You might ask yourself “How can a dog have 4 lives?” Well, they don’t. 

The story focused on protecting “CJ” from many difficulties, keeping the promise of “Ethan”, the loyalty of a dog. These are true in real-life except the 4 lives. Once you start petting a dog on a serious basis, they are bound to protect you until death. A person who has a pet dog is never alone.

Loyalty, protecting these are normal stuff the different scenes that the movie shows is how the dog connects “CJ” with other people. The movie is full of drama and comedy, but these specific scenes (connecting people) will bring the emotion out of you. Wholesome is also a thing and the director “Gail Mancuso” did that in a spectacular way.

The movie is based on the 2012 novel of the same name which was written by “Cameron”. It is also said that this movie is the sequel to the film “A Dog’s Purpose” of 2017. “Kathryn Prescott” did a great job acting as “CJ”. 

Highly recommended for pet owners or you can watch it alone. 

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