A Car in your 20’s?

Foysal Mahmud Niloy

A car is something that most people have thought about owning in their 20’s. But, we always think of it as an unattainable goal, which is actually pretty wrong. If you actually calculate your spending’s well enough, you’ll realize how inefficient and impulsive we are in our 20’s, with our money.

And if you dream of owning a Big Budget car from the get go, it likely won’t motivate you either. You need to keep your vision realistic enough and curb your spending. You should live your life to the fullest whilst maintaining a balance with doing work and setting a budget for yourself to follow.

Discipline and mental fortitude will definitely help you in commanding a more affluent life. But why not follow the trend itself? Minimalism is a rising trend amongst people in their 20’s, where the policy of “Less is better” is taken to its materialistic & habitual concept. Saving money for a car or something better is well enough, but at the same time, you can reinvest that saved amount of money of yours to gain some extra income out of it. You can invest it in Financial Instruments like Stocks, bonds, or deposits, as well as investing in business opportunities or creating a business opportunity yourself. Basically, don’t let your money sit around and depreciate in value. Try to become financially savvy with your monetary decisions.

Finally, you should pick & choose your car according to your budget, but at least try to get a car that will give you the optimum value for your money. If you have a constant source of money and assurance of that continuing (example: Job Security), you can always apply for a loan as well. But that might be a bit of a far-fetched goal. 

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