Torunites 2.0 – 2020

The youth of today is inherently the future of this nation. Call it an honor, a privilege or even a responsibility; the young generation will be at the forefront of it all, leading.

So, the time has come for us to move past stating the obvious and focus on the process of a smooth transition. That’s where we come in.

Torun is a platform for the youth that works with enlightening, empowering and entertaining. Our mission is to instill values into the lives of the Millennials as well as Gen Z individuals through our operations.

Remember what we said about our mission? Torunites is the flagship program of Torun where we provide working experiences to interested individuals, be a part of our team and contribute to their preferred division of expertise.

At the same time, the team players who we refer to as Torunites, get a chance to improve their skills, making this a wonderful learning experience memorable.

Since our first recruitment program was a resounding success, we couldn’t wait any longer to bring to you Torunites 2.0!!

Apply As a:

Creative Commander
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Business Wizard

Click on the position you want to apply for. You will be redirected to a form link where you have to fill up the necessary details. We will shortlist the candidates, and call for an interview.

Any undergraduate student, both inside and outside of Dhaka, can apply for the internship program. We encourage you to take this opportunity, regardless of whichever university you are from. The program will run for 6 months. The timeline can be expanded based on performance evaluation.

What do you get?

Certificate of Achievement
Opportunities to work for Torun
Member Development Programs
A friendly environment to help you with all the support you need!