When Loneliness Strikes

“People sometimes say that they might die of boredom, that they are dying for a cup of tea, but for me, dying of loneliness is not hyperbole.” (Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine)

The feeling of loneliness is awful. Although all mental health issues receive some importance, people seldom realize how painful loneliness is. Loneliness makes people ache for human connection and explaining how they feel to others becomes mayhem.

Though overcoming one’s loneliness can be a prolonged and distressful process, people might be able to make out of it. Here are some suggestions:

Normalize your loneliness:
The very first step to getting over with loneliness is recognition of it. Admit that you are lonely and then start thinking of ways to cope up with it.

Respect yourself enough to walk away:
Never mess with your self-respect. Weed out all the toxic people from your life and eliminate all the bad relationships. Mix up with people who make you feel good about yourself and who uplift your spirits.

Start feeling good about yourself:
Remember that you are worth so much more than you possibly think. Try to get rid of self -degrading thoughts. Replace negative self- talking with affirmative messages.

Don’t emotionally invest yourself in people:
Very few people and things should actually cast an emotional impact on you. You should be okay and learn how not to care about what people say to you or about you. Your emotions are precious. Spend them wisely.

Avoid using social media:
One of the biggest mistakes would be to spend hours on social networking sites. In the end, it will make you feel even more barren. Remember that people never expose their sadness and vulnerabilities in social media. The pictures you see are the glimpses of a few happy moments in their lives.

Other people won’t fill your void:
Don’t expect to outgrow your loneliness. Never expect to find someone who will understand how you feel and fulfill all your yearnings. It will just end up in disappointment. Understand yourself, know what you want and trace a beautiful map to get out of this feeling.

Time heals almost everything:
Time is usually the best antidote to all your problems. Sometimes, all we need to make a situation better is time. So, wait and give it some time. Maybe this feeling will gradually cease and you will function properly again.

Consider counseling:
There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help. Consider counseling if things get out of hand. There is nothing shameful about taking care of your mental health.

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